SpringyVer 1.6.1The Ultimate Archiver for Macs


Springy browses archives the way Mac OS X intended, offering a choice of icons view, list view, columns view and flat list view. All four view types are fully customizable, so archive browser windows can suit everyone's eyes and needs.

Intuitive Friendly


As expected, all views fully support drag & drop. You can drag files from Springy and drop them into Finder and vice versa.



A preview column in the columns view shows a quick preview of the file inside an archive without any extracting.


Springy shows archive processing progress bar in a very elegant way. It can be hidden if it is disturbing or not needed and it doesn't block you from browsing or even further customizing the view while an archive is being processed.


Some Real Power

Underneath its pretty surface, Springy packs some real power. It uses well proven binary libraries to process archives and disk images. These libraries are being used for many years in many projects. They are constantly being improved , which ensures improvements of Springy as well. Furthermore, Springy doesn't use any command line tool running in the background, keeping the full control over the archive processing all the time. All this results in unprecedented robustness and speed when it comes to archive processing on Mac.

File Types

The list of supported archive and disk image types includes ZIP, TAR, RAR, 7-ZIP, TGZ, TBZ, PAX, CPIO, CPGZ, JAR, SIT, DMG, ISO... and more. Future releases will include more types in this list.

The support is full so you can browse, extract single or all files, add, rename, delete files... even edit files in archives. Support is limited to browsing and extracting only where it is required by the licensing and copyright issues.

File Types
File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types File Types
  • Browse archives without extracting
  • Extract only files you need
  • Create and modify archives
  • Search archives
  • Archive and extract from Finder and
    other applications using Services Menu
Everything is possible
One right-click and favorite archiving commands are there, waiting for your actions.

Everything is possible

Select a few files in Finder or other applications, right-click on them and put them into a new archive or disk image. Extract files from selected archives to the same, recent, favorite or a location of your choice with one click in Finder.

All the above is possible using Springy Services Menu in Snow Leopard and above. The Services Menu can be used from Finder, but also from other applications which support Services Menu architecture. Services Menu needs to be customized in the "System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services" settings.

There is more...

Springy is packed with many nice and useful features which comes handy when working with archives.

To mention just a few:

  • direct extraction mode
  • full support for Macintosh specific resource forks, extended file attributes and ACLs
  • creation of archives without Macintosh specific items (to share with Windows and other non-Mac friends)
  • searching for files in archives
  • various methods to encrypt files in archives (besides PKWare 2.0, strong AES-128, AES-196, AES-256 encryptions are possible)
  • live preview and on-the-fly editing and modification of archived files without extracting
  • multi-segmented archives (both PKWare zip split and binary split are supported) and disk image,
  • various standard compression methods
  • different level of compression
  • extensive preferences for fine tuning operations
  • The list goes on and on...